I Got an Internship??

Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe, the girl who can’t find time to post regularly on a blog actually convinced people that they should hire her. Unbelievable. But yes, I will start working at an internship next fall, and you can read all about my experience finding it here.

The link is to  a guest post I wrote over at my fabulous friend Ashley’s fabulous blog that she made for a class on social media. I hope you enjoy it!

[PSA: If you’re on a laptop, for some reason the above link might not work. It works for me on mobile, so try typing in ashleyfaghan.digstonehill.org]

The Rush

Just a couple of nights ago, I picked where I’m living on campus for my junior year of college. Though it all worked out and it’s incredibly exciting, I can’t believe that I’ve already reached this point. I really have so much to be thankful for in this beautiful life. After I picked the room, I had a half hour conversation with my mom, and I considered just how much I have grown in the past few months.

But what really kills me is that there are only two weekends left before finals start. I hate feeling that an unproductive summer will undo all my personal growth, even though I’m lucky enough to come back to campus a week early. With so much going on this semester, it feels like I’m rushing off the edge of a cliff.

Of course, our final papers, projects and exams remain important, but perhaps it’s even more important to step out of the rush, to retreat into the corners of your soul.  To take your time and not worry too much. Don’t rush into things and value time spent with friends and family.

It sounds so simple, but the pile of things happening at once is easy to get lost in, at least for me. Take, for example, this blog – I wanted to write another post about my writing (real meta, I know) and how writing my novel and watching my characters be terrible people all over the place has forced me to examine myself and my own actions. But then things happened and when I finally had time to write the post, I was so tired my brain could not form sentences. Words, even. So instead, I wrote this post about how I don’t have time to write.

But in between all the other tasks I have to get accomplished in the coming weeks, I will do my best to get more accomplished. And I hope that this season is a time of joy and exploration for all of you.



Don’t Let Your Dreams be Dreams, Kids

My dad really likes voicing his opinions, to put it mildly, on different topics. He often jokes around that he should have a TV show, or a radio show, or some kind of platform or outlet to use to express his opinion. I always tell him that he should write a book, at least. But he usually says something like, “Oh, they won’t let me.”

Never mind that he never specifies who “they” are. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, no one’s gonna come down from heaven and hand you a contract to make a show or write books. You have to go out and do whatever it is you want to do, and convince other people to like it.

You’re only limited by your own actions, what you do and what you don’t do. Now, my dad’s fine with not having a show and just ranting about current events to me and anyone else who will listen, but I hope he does eventually try and act on some other things he’s been saying he wants to do.

There happens to be just about an hour left in my mom’s birthday, and she always tells me, in not these exact words, to make the life I want, and to work hard to accomplish what I want. And lately I’ve been seeing how right she is.

Even if you’re trying really hard to get that dream job, bring up your GPA, get that story published, or whatever, and it doesn’t work out, don’t blame some mysterious “other” trying to keep you down. Regroup and move on, try something new. Just always try.

Of course, that’s just my opinion.