A Long Shot

I did it today.

On impulse. The rush that hit me as I pressed the “send” button was kind of like what I felt when I bought my maroon hat at Forever 21 a couple weekends ago. I don’t like taking many risks.

But I went ahead and pressed the button, and queried an agent for the very first time.

I had agonized over my query letter, revised it, wanted to print it out to burn it, and gotten feedback from various sources. I know it’s probably not perfect, but realistically, there would be no perfect draft, no perfect moment to start. Because I’m not perfect.

I ended up sending a second query to a different agent later on. The first one says that she’ll respond within a month if interested, and the second one doesn’t list a timeline on his website. I’m not going to hold my breath for the whole month, nor I am going to stop working or assume that my writing is perfect just because I took the risk of sending an email. Truthfully, I don’t expect an answer. If anything, I might get a form rejection.

But even that would be better than wading around in an endless cycle of revisions. At least when I get that rejection in the form of a letter or of silence (and yes, that’s what I’m preparing myself for), I’ll know that my query and my book aren’t ready yet. I’ll have feedback, even if it’s nothing, that can guide my future actions and my improvement.

I hope to continue pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and beyond the borders find growth.