To the Rest of the Class of 2019

We’re at a turning point in our lives. As we enter our last semester of college and start to think about what’s beyond, for many of us this is the first time we are totally free to choose the direction we take. The geographic and emotional places we go. A full-time job or grad school, a growth year or traveling off the grid.

That’s affirming and validating and incredibly exciting, but it can also be overwhelming for many people, and I’m including myself in that category.

It’s hard to avoid comparing yourself to others, even close friends, when you’re faced with all their accomplishments and feel lacking in comparison.

It’s hard to avoid feeling lost when all those options are presenting themselves with so many unique benefits to each. When the choice of one great path requires the sacrifice of another equally (but differently) great one.

It’s easy to feel pressured to finding the single, most perfect opportunity. How do you know which choice will be best without a crystal ball?

You don’t. Unless you do, in which case you’ve discovered the secret of life (care to share?).

I think most of our lives will feel like guesswork, and maybe we don’t know what’s right until after we’ve done it. In high school, I thought college students were adults. I still don’t feel like one today and maybe I never will.

The point is, sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and and trust that something great will come out on the other side of that inhale.