PREMIERE: Flynn Tanner Offers Bright New Single “Let’s Talk About”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Flynn Tanner has a lot to talk about. After a decade of building a following in his hometown by opening for The National, Iggy Pop, and Shaggy, the twenty-year-old singer-songwriter and Berklee student is stepping out with his own guitar-based solo project.

The first fruit of this work, single “Let’s Talk About” (June 5th), showcases Tanner’s range as a singer, instrumentalist, and producer, as he has done everything on this track himself. It opens with a slick guitar lick and lyrics that recall lazy summer memories: “Red hot and sunny sky / laying down in the heat of July / done playing with the other guys / we talk a little and we close our eyes“. As the drums pick up, the chorus shifts to lyrics that are particularly poignant during this time of quarantine, where memories of face-to-face interactions with loved ones might be all we have: let’s talk about where we used to go / we would drive around and listen to the radio / let’s talk about what we used to be / you said you never needed anybody else but me. The last minute of the track expands and dissolves into fuzzy surf rock with energetic electronic elements, evoking both nostalgia and excitement for a return to something resembling normal.

“Let’s Talk About” is perfect for your next beach party, if it’s only in your mind. Available on all streaming platforms, listen here.

For fans of: Morningbird, Vampire Weekend, John Mayer

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