Song Premiere: Flynn Tanner, “Save Me”

After releasing the sun-kissed “Let’s Talk About” and romantic ode “Nervous” in 2020, Toronto-based solo artist Flynn Tanner offers a darker, broodier single standing in tonal contrast to his earlier output. While many artists, myself included, hesitate to tackle modern life’s ongoing, seemingly cataclysmic struggles, like the pandemic, isolation, and various social justice movements–your favorite dystopian novel isn’t so fun when it’s real life, is it?–these subjects are exactly what Tanner embraces in “Save Me”, the latest track from an upcoming EP. Drenched in moody synths, flowing lines, and lyrics turning mundane then desperate for the tensions to end, the Toronto native reflects on isolation, describing a life “stuck inside my house” as one where the narrator is “waiting to be found.”

In the spring of 2020, Tanner had been splitting his time between Canada and Boston, where he is finishing his formal music education at Berklee. But like everyone else, he found himself at the mercy of increasing travel restrictions and unexpectedly moored in one place for longer than usual. No stranger to working solo–all his singles have been self-recorded and produced–Flynn turned that extra time and perhaps (lack of?) inspiration into “Save Me”, three minutes of chill pop that’s catchy enough to inspire sing-alongs, but moody enough to hint at the bigger tensions brewing underneath our everyday struggles, and represents a move towards tackling broader subjects than his past work. Lines like “it’s the Fourth of July / but I don’t know why”, perhaps in reference to last summer’s explosion of movements like Black Lives Matter that highlighted injustice, show steps forward from an artist to watch.

A step forward from an artist to watch, “Save Me” is available now wherever you stream music.

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