I’m currently querying agents with the ultimate goal of traditional publication. Though my books aren’t published yet, here’s a small sample of my manuscripts.

Fifty Shades of Cringe (Adult Contemporary)

Status: Outlining/Drafting.

Aesthetic coming soon!

To feel better about her own writing, on the cusp of graduation, jobless MFA-reject Cassie rips apart bad fanfiction and purple prose-laden romance novels on her friends’ YouTube channel, for the laughs and the cringe. As they get more attention than she ever thought possible, an anonymous subscriber requests Cassie’s own embarrassing fanfic to be hate-read. Soon enough, she has to choose between the cruelty that brought her friends fame and the truth. And oh yeah, write another book.

Attack & Release (Adult Upmarket Fiction)

Status: In revision.

L.A., 2017. A desperate folk singer is too enchanted by her old celebrity crush’s promise of recording an album together to pay attention to #MeToo. By the time he crosses a line, she’s too isolated from her friends and family to resist this tortured love. As she discovers disturbing truths about both him and herself, honing her sound means drowning out the same people who helped her find it. A Star is Born, gone wrong.

Woman of Words (Adult Upmarket Fiction)

Status: Querying!

Book aesthetic with images from Pinterest of dark, moody reds

A polarizing author deflects probes into her personal life by creating an alternate reality with her pen name. It’s fine, if rather lonely, until her old lover comes back, asking her to trust him with her story and maybe her heart. As more secrets come out, her only escape from her own lies might be the painful truth.